The N

O'GradySince the height of the iTunes adding season, we haven’t had too many additions of television shows outside of New Content Tuesdays™. Fortunately, I happened to take a look in iTunes this morning and found another new show available. This time it’s The N’s animated series, O’Grady. I can’t tell you much about the show other than the art style reminds me of Home Movies and the series apparently has a veritable cavalcade of guest stars, including Conan O’Brien, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, David Cross and Will Arnett.

There is one other interesting thing to note about this series in iTunes, though. The first five episodes of the series’ current season (season 2) are being offered completely free of charge right now.


MTV LogoHot on the heels of the discovery of Laguna Beach yesterday evening, I wake up this morning to discover a whole cluster of new programming from the MTV Networks that I had speculated yesterday as being a possibility.

We’ll have a full roundup of all the new content a little later today, but here is a list of the new shows that have been added today:

Comedy Central:


MTV2 (Found Under MTV)


The N