The Emperor's New SchoolWell, the new programming is tapering off as we approach the summer months, and this is reflected in the new offerings. Or “offering,” singular, in this case. Disney Channel’s The Emperor’s New School, an offshoot of the mostly-ignored but still pretty funny Disney movie, The Emperor’s New Groove, is now available for purchase and download in iTunes. I have yet to see this offering, but I have it on good word that it’s actually pretty funny, so there you have it.

The bulk of the other additions to the iTunes Music Store television wing include rounding out some of their existing offerings. MTV Networks has added the second season of Dora the Explorer and 11 new episodes (from seasons 2 and 3) of Jackass. Also added are the first two episodes of the current season (season 2) of Wonder Showzen.

The remaining things worthy of note include the addition of season passes for Scrubs and Law & Order and a huge pricebreak when you buy the full season of The N’s South of Nowhere, which is now reduced to $7.99 from what was previously $19.90.

As you can probably imagine, the decreasing content is not doing wonders for us here at Tunevision, but it also hasn’t helped that I’ve stopped tracking the latest additions. Unfortunately, that was generated a lot of work, and was creating a lot of traffic, but mostly from people searching online for free episodes of the same shows, so removing it has cut traffic in half, but not from anyone who cares about this site. So, there you have it. I’ll continue to publish as many updates as needed when stuff happens. Of course, if you know something I don’t about TV updates in iTunes, feel free to leave a comment and point me in the right direction. I thank you for your patronage!