April 2006

Well, we were wondering what we were going to get from iTunes when there are fewer new television shows being broadcast over the summer? We get a dip in the archive, that’s what we get.

Trial By JuryFirst up is the failed fourth installment of the Law & Order franchise, Law & Order: Trial By Jury. Cut down in the prime of its life after only two months of episodes in 2005, Trial By Jury is reborn in iTunes form. It’s so sad when a source television series outlives its spinoff. Anyways, NBC must have decided that it had nothing further left to lose by tossing the 13 produced episodes into iTunes. It is claimed that there is an exclusive episode among the bunch, but alert Law & Order fans will know this is incorrect as the thirteenth episode was never aired on NBC, but the entire series (including the missing episode) were reaired on Court TV.

ESPN Draft PreviewNext up is a quickie from ESPN, their preview of this weekend’s NFL Draft. Although they don’t actually say “NFL Draft” (as the NFL would likely be displeased at this development), we know what they really mean by “Pro Football” and it’s not the USFL. Anyways, if you’re a sports fan and you’re not completely sick to death of all the NFL Draft previews yet, you can purchase another 12-minute preview from ESPN for the usual $1.99.

StellaBut it’s not just NBC dipping into the archive for new material, Comedy Central is doing the same. Up first is the short-lived sketch comedy series Stella which ran briefly in the “Summer of Love,” by which I mean 2005. The series was a cult favorite, but unfortunately, TV execs translate “cult favorite” to “ratings death” and it was not renewed for a second season. However, it continues to live on in iTunes.

Crank YankersFinally, we have a series that I thought was cancelled but perhaps not (although new episodes haven’t been seen since last year). That’s right, season one of Crank Yankers, that absurdist series of crank calls from popular comedians set to puppets, has been added to iTunes. The series has always had a good lineup of comedians to lend their voices to the effort, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Carolla, Denis Leary, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Dane Cook, David Alan Grier, Tracy Morgan and, of course, Super Dave Osborne.

So there you are, more ways to evade the spirit of TV Turnoff Week. Me? I plan on watching twice as much television to pull the extra wait of those slackers not watching TV. Have an interesting week!


Just For KicksBwuh? I’m updating on a Friday again? What’s going on? Well, Apple and Nickelodeon decided to sneak one more update for the week in on a Friday, a new sports-oriented kids show called Just For Kicks. Two episodes available from this, the current season. And that’s all I can really say about that. Have a good Friday!

O'GradySince the height of the iTunes adding season, we haven’t had too many additions of television shows outside of New Content Tuesdays™. Fortunately, I happened to take a look in iTunes this morning and found another new show available. This time it’s The N’s animated series, O’Grady. I can’t tell you much about the show other than the art style reminds me of Home Movies and the series apparently has a veritable cavalcade of guest stars, including Conan O’Brien, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, David Cross and Will Arnett.

There is one other interesting thing to note about this series in iTunes, though. The first five episodes of the series’ current season (season 2) are being offered completely free of charge right now.

New week, new programming.

AliasWell, here’s a pleasant surprise. ABC has added J.J. Abrams’ other series, the one that skyrocketed him to popularity enough to allow ABC to take a risk on the ridiculously-popular Lost, Alias. Now, I say its addition is a surprise because Alias is ending its five-season run this year. New episodes are supposed to begin tomorrow (4/19), taking advantage of Lost‘s final hiatus before the end of the season, but I thought it would be too late in the game for ABC to add this show. Turns out I was wrong and am happy that I was. Seasons 4 and 5 (the current one) are now available for purchase and download.

The ApprenticeAlso added to iTunes this morning, another popular request, NBC’s wildly popular The Apprentice. With the moderate success of some of the other reality television offerings in iTunes, I imagined that The Apprentice‘s addition would really be only a matter of time. An additional bonus for this one though, NBC is offering a free, 42-minute clips show that reviews the first eight episodes of season five. So happy, happy, joy, joy for the iTunes freebie lovers out there.

Finally, one more addition, Disney has added more of their old animated shorts into iTunes. Among the additions here, the some of the earliest animated shorts with Chip ‘n’ Dale, the classic “Pluto’s Blue Note” and the really early Mickey Mouse short, “Building a Building.”

The additions are still coming regularly even as the end of this year’s television season draws to a close. It will be interesting to see what kinds of additions we see (if any) during the long summer break in iTunes.

The Emperor's New SchoolWell, the new programming is tapering off as we approach the summer months, and this is reflected in the new offerings. Or “offering,” singular, in this case. Disney Channel’s The Emperor’s New School, an offshoot of the mostly-ignored but still pretty funny Disney movie, The Emperor’s New Groove, is now available for purchase and download in iTunes. I have yet to see this offering, but I have it on good word that it’s actually pretty funny, so there you have it.

The bulk of the other additions to the iTunes Music Store television wing include rounding out some of their existing offerings. MTV Networks has added the second season of Dora the Explorer and 11 new episodes (from seasons 2 and 3) of Jackass. Also added are the first two episodes of the current season (season 2) of Wonder Showzen.

The remaining things worthy of note include the addition of season passes for Scrubs and Law & Order and a huge pricebreak when you buy the full season of The N’s South of Nowhere, which is now reduced to $7.99 from what was previously $19.90.

As you can probably imagine, the decreasing content is not doing wonders for us here at Tunevision, but it also hasn’t helped that I’ve stopped tracking the latest additions. Unfortunately, that was generated a lot of work, and was creating a lot of traffic, but mostly from people searching online for free episodes of the same shows, so removing it has cut traffic in half, but not from anyone who cares about this site. So, there you have it. I’ll continue to publish as many updates as needed when stuff happens. Of course, if you know something I don’t about TV updates in iTunes, feel free to leave a comment and point me in the right direction. I thank you for your patronage!

Didja miss me? Well, it’s Tuesday, so let the new content commence!

JetixFirst up is the addition of Disney’s Jetix programming, which is assorted action-adventure stuff that appears on ABC Family and Toon Disney. Available for purchase and download (well, not yet, the shows are listed, but no episodes are available yet) are Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Mystic Force and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! So, there you go, if your child is interested in pseudo anime or kinda-cornball, imported sentai programming, today is your child’s lucky day!

Little EinsteinsUp next is some more Disney programming in the form of their preschool-oriented show, Little Einsteins. Now you just thought either, “That would be perfect for my kids!” or, if you’re like me, “What the heck is that show?” If the latter is the case, Disney’s “For Parents” page about the show says that the show is interactive and designed to get very young kids (3-6) into music and art. So now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

The Andy Milonakis ShowAlso, up today, we have some decidedly non-kids fare in the form of MTV2’s very bizarre The Andy Milonakis Show. The first eight episodes from season one are available now but Apple promises that the premiere episode of season two will be made available for free (nothing is currently available except for a bunch of very whiny comments). So, if you’re interested in that, it’s there for you, I guess.

Finally, Apple has also added season passes for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, so some good news there for people interested in those shows.