Of all the adjectives I might use to describe my computer today, “cooperative” wouldn’t be amongst them. So, let’s try writing this post again…

ScrubsGood news on the “frequently requested” front. As previously reported by Tunevision, Disney’s Touchstone Television and NBC Universal have come together to get NBC’s Scrubs into iTunes. Currently, only the current season, season 5, is available and new episodes will be added as they are aired. No word on when or how older seasons might be added, but as you’ll recall from the previous blog post, Touchstone would receive all of the profits from previous season sales, so that may be a factor in the lack of expedience concerning previous seasons.

South Park Season PassAlso as previously reported on Tunevision, South Park seasons 3 and 10 (the current one, currently only one episode) have been added into iTunes. Also more good news here, South Park also has the season pass option. I’m happy to see more networks buying into the season pass option.