First off, my apologies for a continued dearth of posts. I will be addressing that in a follow-up post. But for now, on to the new content.

The Showbiz ShowRemember the other day when I said that the bulk of Comedy Central programming was now available in iTunes? Turns out that there was one last show I had in mind that was still missing: The Showbiz Show with David Spade. Well, you can forget about that final Comedy Central oversight because the weekly entertainment series is now available for purchase in iTunes. That pretty much does it for Comedy Central’s original programming as now pretty much everything that is still an ongoing show. Well, there’s still Distraction, but whatever.

Hannah MontanaBut if that was the only show added to iTunes today, well, I wouldn’t have tacked on “Disney’s Hannah Montana” to the end of this blog post title, now would I? Of course not, that would’ve been an unethical attempt to improve my standing with Google (*cough*Friends Family Guy The Simpsons ER House 24 Survivor CSI The Amazing Race American Idol*cough*).

Moving on, Disney’s new (apparently) series, Hannah Montana, about a girl who leads a double life…as a pop star, is now available for purchase in iTunes for your tweens who are growing up too fast or your teens who aren’t growing up fast enough. It stars Miley Cyrus who is the daughter of country one-hit wonder Billy Ray Cyrus. So, go figure that. Apparently it does seem to have generated a significant level of buzz online from the intended audience (this is why us adults are just now hearing about this for this show for the first time), so it’s a good addition for Apple and Disney.