I just got back in and I’m tired, but I can’t leave you guys hanging. So, I’ll make this quicker and sloppier than usual. (Wow, that sounded unintentionally dirty. Apologies.)

iTunes started promoting High School Musical in the TV show section, but the movie isn’t listed as available for download, just some music videos and a link to the soundtrack. Weirder still is that the movie is still available for download at the link from earlier, but no longer at the $1.99 price point. I was afraid that was too good to be true. Apple instead repriced it at the $9.99 price point that all movies will probably eventually be at. Thanks to Bill Huff again, who is apparently my eyes and ears when I’m not around here. :)

The 2006 NCAA Basketball Tournament section is now live. There is a free preview show already available there for download. So stop by and pick that up. Also available for purchase are the first of the NCAA March Madness Classics talked about earlier. There are two available now: greatest upsets and greatest finishes. Both are available for $1.99 each or in a season pass version for $9.99.

Finally, one new show has also been added, NBC’s last of their Law & Order trifecta (at least of those that are still on the air), Law & Order: Criminal Intent. (I just wrote “Criminal Internet” there for a second. I really need to go to bed.) This addition should be a surprise for absolutely nobody—more of a matter of time kind of thing. As is the custom, season 1 and the current season (5) are available now.

That’s about it. Oh, NBC’s also added the Late Night with Conan O’Brien Finland special that aired last Friday. Good addition there. I had Tivo’d it and watched it on Saturday. Very funny stuff.

That’s all I can do for now. Today’s updates will be in a post tomorrow.