Variety is reporting that NBC Universal and Disney are close to a deal to put the NBC comedy series Scrubs for sale in iTunes. How is Disney involved? Well, Scrubs is produced by Touchstone Television, a Disney company. The deal, which is said to be the first deal of its kind between any two conglomerates like this, is said to split the profits of the season 5 (the current one) 50-50 between the two companies through August 31 when the rights would fully revert back to Touchstone. Touchstone would also receive all of the profits from sales of previous seasons.

Variety goes on to say that one of the reasons this particular series is even able to be considered for iTunes is that Scrubs is already in syndication and, thus, selling the show in iTunes isn’t considered a threat to the overall long-term profitability of the show. They also go on to say that while no one knows for sure what other series are being negotiated in this fashion, industry insiders consider My Name Is Earl (broadcast on NBC, produced by 20th Century Fox) and House (broadcast on FOX, produced by NBC Universal) are possible candidates. I don’t know if I fully agree with those candidates, especially given FOX’s technophobic tendencies lately, but you just never know.

(Thanks, TV Squad!)