No news is good news, unless you’re trying to provide some content for a blog. I can’t even find enough news for full “tidbits” and have to resort to “Powerpoint-esque” bullet points.

  • This shouldn’t be a surprise, but the Dave Chappelle special has rocketed to the number one seller in videos. It’s a trifecta of the popularity of Dave Chappelle, the popularity of a full hour of comedy and the fact that the DVD version is selling at a $14 price point. People know a good bargain when they see it.
  • Also not a surprise, but the addition of The Daily Show is also doing gangbusters, up at #4 at this time. I have no idea whether or not the Multi-Pass sales are being factored into that total, but I imagine they are. We’ll likely find out as time goes on when we see whether or not subsequent episodes rate high as well.
  • The Colbert Report is also doing pretty well, with its first episode currently at #17.
  • Speaking of both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, both of last night’s episodes were added to iTunes fairly quickly. This was the last potential problem with adding daily programming.
  • The Law & Order: SVU episodes that were missing yesterday have finally been added. However, season 2 of SpongeBob SquarePants is still missing in action.

Finally, from the “neither here nor there” department, every once in a while I’ll trawl the comments on shows just to see what’s out there because so many of them are so inane, pointless and completely unrelated to the show itself (like people begging Apple to add particular shows, as if it were entirely up to them). However, I found one that takes the cake:

Wheres RENO 911 and newer seasons of SOUTH PARK. Apple keeps putting on crappy shows on itunes that no one wants to buy! Plus when are they going to put MOVIES on ITUNES!!!!!!

Setting aside the fact that he is clearly not a reader of this site (and the fact that the entire quote should be proceeded by a large “[sic]”), how selfish do you have to be to give a one-star rating to a show because it’s not something you want. And then claim that no one else wants it because you don’t want it (despite the fact that it’s an immediate top seller).

So there you are, “drewman” apparently wants Reno 911! in iTunes…and movies. You heard it here first, guys!