The Daily ShowWell, after wondering where the heck all the new programming was yesterday, it turns out they decided to wait a day, and it’s a doozy: the oft-requested The Daily Show and The Colbert Report from Comedy Central. I was initially of the opinion that these two shows may in fact never make it into iTunes for the simple reason of logistics. Not only would it be hard to get a daily show into iTunes on a regular basis, but the idea of paying $10 for a week’s worth of episodes didn’t seem like something that would work for people.

Well, Apple figured out a way to address this problem. Say hello to (Leeloo Dallas) “Multi-Pass.” For $9.99, you can net yourself the latest episode of either show AND the next 15 episodes. Not only that, as they’re added to iTunes, they’re automatically downloaded to your computer. That addresses all the previous concerns about daily shows. The cost per episode now averages out to about 62 cents, more than reasonable for a show like that. Of course, you can still buy each individual episode for $1.99 if you like.

The first episode of The Colbert Report is available now. The Daily Show page is live but currently has no episodes. (UPDATE: It’s live now.)

(Thanks, TUAW)