(paid reg. required, full article mirrored here) is reporting that ABC has announced plans to offer many of their shows on their web site for free with commercials. This will include Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy. No word on a timetable or technology they plan to use to implement this. It’s also worth mentioning that ABC is not planning on doing this instead of selling through iTunes, but as a counterpart to it.

MacDailyNews is reporting (through the Los Angeles Times) that actors, writers and directors and their unions are criticizing how ABC is paying royalties to them for online downloads through iTunes. ABC apparently uses the same formula as it uses for home video, where 20% of the revenue is sent to the actors, writers and directors involved and 80% goes to paying for the production costs, manufacturing and so on. The unions see this as shortchanging the people they represent.

Finally, continuing what I mentioned yesterday about the top sellers from the latest additions, the Dave Chapelle Inside the Actors Studio has become the fifth most popular download among videos while Carlos Mencia’s stand-up comedy has moved into the number seven slot.


Think Secret has some additional information about the prospective iTunes Movie Store. They’ve discovered some additional information to what AppleInsider reported on. The most critical piece of information is that the monthly fee plan is being pushed exclusively by the motion picture industry and not Apple.

Also, iLounge is reporting on a TV Guide giveaway of free Battlestar Galactica episodes in this week’s magazine. A code on the cover can be entered in iTunes to redeem a free episode.