One of the more common requests I have heard for shows that people would like to see in iTunes is FOX’s Arrested Development. Since its cancellation, however, there were questions whether or not this could still happen. Well, it appears that Arrested Development will probably be heading to Showtime. This, obviously, is good news for fans of the show, but also for those interested in purchasing the show in iTunes as Showtime has shows there and FOX does not. Time will tell if or when the show may be added.

Yesterday, of course, Apple added the five short films nominated for an Academy Award for best live action short film. However, one notable absence in this vein is Pixar’s own One Man Band, which is up for the Oscar in Best Animated Short Film. Pixar, of course, has their other shorts available for purchase in iTunes, but this year’s short film is conspicuously absent. (Thanks to MacDailyNews for pointing this out.)

Absent today is a review of Sunday’s NASCAR race in Fontana, California. I think that the tardiness of their additions is hurting potential sales. After all, most people won’t wait until Wednesday or later to see highlights (even extended ones) from a race on Sunday. I think NASCAR is really dropping the ball here. The Nextel Cup series is off this week. It resumes on Sunday, March 12 with the UAW Daimler-Chrysler 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

You know, many people were making fun of the addition of America’s Funniest Home Videos last week. However, the one-and-a-half-hour, “Battle of the Best” special has risen to #13 in the top selling iTunes videos.

Also in top sellers now is the double-length Inside the Actors Studio episode with Dave Chapelle which is at #6 and rising fast. This partly attests to what people are interested in, but also shows that people are interested in value for their money. (The next Inside the Actors Studio episode is Angelina Jolie’s at #74.) This also can help explain why the AFV special is in the Top 20—the hour-and-a-half content for $1.99 is proving to be a positive value for people buying videos.

And finally, speaking of top sellers, the new stand-up comedy additions from yesterday are already doing relatively well. Among those added, Carlos Mencia is currently at #18, Brian Regan is at #27, Dat Phan is at #48, Demetri Martin is at #50, Frank Caliendo is at #54 and Darrell Hammond is at #80.