Yesterday’s addition of Project Runway is apparently a portent of more things to come from Bravo. Bravo’s popular series, Inside the Actor’s Studio will also be added to iTunes this coming Tuesday.

And speaking of this coming Tuesday, if you’re an Apple fan in general, you’ve likely heard of this event that Apple is hosting on February 28. Well, as is typical, the Apple world is all a-twitter with speculation as to what the event will be announcing. New Mac minis? Intel-based iBooks? The fabled touch-screen iPods? But of interest to the iTunes watchers is a report from Macworld UK. In the article, American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu states that they believe there is a good chance that Apple will announce the iTunes Movie Store, where users could purchase full-length feature films through iTunes. I’ve previously talked about the possibility of iTunes eventually hosting films at length, but I would be very surprised if this were to happen now. The battery life and hard drive capacity just isn’t there yet. However, as is the custom with all Apple events, it’s still all pure conjecture and we’ll just have to wait until Tuesday to find out for sure.

UPDATE: One more tidbit, in an article from, they talk predominantly about the forthcoming Apple event next Tuesday. Nothing especially groundbreaking about the article itself—it’s pretty standard boilerplate—but at the end they indicate that Apple has signed a deal with the NBA to make certain content available in iTunes. Obviously, NBA games currently aren’t available in iTunes and this is the first I’ve heard of such a deal. NBA currently does offer some games for purchase in Google Video for $3.95.