America's Funniest Home VideosWell, it’s Tuesday, so everyone gather around and let’s see what goodies were left for us under the iTunes Tree.

First up is ABC’s long-running staple, America’s Funniest Home Videos. That’s right, for those of you who stopped paying attention to it somewhere around 1995, that show is indeed still around. No, Bob Saget isn’t there anymore, it’s hosted by Tom Bergeron now, but the same general guiding principle is still in place. iTunes claims that it’s hosting season 1 of this, but it looks more like season 11.

The X'sNext, we’ve got another series from Nickelodeon, The X’s. This show first premiered in November and iTunes is making the first six episodes available for purchase. Missing are two subsequent episodes from this month, so we’ll see when those and subsequent episodes are added. But this continues to build up the kid content in iTunes.

NBC has also added a few things. The easy one first: three new Conan sketches are available. Still nothing really new and certainly no full episodes, but there is some new stuff there if you’re interested.

Conviction Free PremiereNow to get to the interesting new bit. NBC is premiering an episode of their forthcoming mid-season replacement from Law & Order‘s D**k Wolf (ha!), Conviction in iTunes for free. In addition, they’ve also made available a music video for the show and a short behind-the-scenes video, also for free. It’s actually quite the masterstroke for NBC. If you’ve watched the Olympics at any point, you’ve probably seen the advertisements already, but the Olympics have not been achieving the ratings that NBC has hoped for. So NBC is making this available for everyone early in the hopes of generating some buzz for the show before it’s premiere in a week and a half on Friday, March 3. The cynic might point out that if NBC had more faith in the series, they wouldn’t put it out on a Friday (the day where shows go to die), but they’re obviously using this freebie release on iTunes and subsequent paid episodes to gauge reaction to the show and determine if there is a positive response for the new legal drama.

Also good about this, NBC is also promoting the free iTunes download on their own website.

NBC is consistenly proving that they’re willing to be the front runner in trying new things with iTunes, so we’ll see if this move pays off for the new series.