Well, it’s pretty obvious that Sundays are going to be the slow days around here at least for the time being. (Only Saturday Night Live is broadcast on Saturdays and they don’t add new content from that to iTunes every week.) So, to make up for it (maybe), I’d like to direct your attention to a brand new Frequently Asked Questions page I’ve just created which I am certain will not answer any of your questions definitively. In fact, the only thing I can be certain of is that for the questions listed, a full 80% of them can be summed up with the phrase “I don’t know.” But I see them asked all the time, so there you go.

I’d also like to direct your attention (if it hasn’t been previously) to the iTunes Statistics page that has been around since this site began. It keeps track of the number of shows and episodes in iTunes and their assorted breakdowns by network and parent company and also provides information about just how many videos Apple’s been selling (at least according to their PR department).