Night Stalker - Never-Before Aired EpisodesI love Tuesdays. Really I do. Scores of new content is released to an adoring public, but it’s the little announcements that hide behind the big ones that I love the most. Spotted in the iTMS today was the announcement that they were now hosting three never-before seen episodes of the cancelled ABC series Night Stalker. This is actually bigger than you think. The most frequently asked questions I hear about television in the iTunes Music Store are “When will ________ be added?”, “When will ________ network add their content?” and “Can iTunes add episodes from cancelled series ________ so that it can reward its fan base?”

This is the first time that we’ve had any kind of answer to that third question. Now, Night Stalker was never a critical or popular hit, but it opens up the door for other cancelled series to make a final stab with a limited run of content at very little financial risk for the content creator.