FOX LogoSadly, this really shouldn’t be an enormous surprise, but FOX, the network that used to be on the cutting edge on popular programming and now puts its popular programming on the cutting room floor, is not especially interested in putting their programming into iTunes. At least, this is the early word from a forthcoming Newsweek interview with chairman Rupert Murdoch as reported by TV Week. Murdoch says, “How many people really want to get video on a tiny screen when they already have TiVo or a similar service from their cable company or DirecTV? How many will want to pay $1.99 on Monday morning if they missed Desperate Housewives the night before? What’s been announced so far with iPod and Disney and NBC is very small-time at the moment.” Of course, this comes hot on the heels of a diametric article that says that Disney and NBC are apparently pleased as punch with the “small-time” results they’ve achieved so far through iTunes.

The article does mention that FOX has had talks with Apple, Google and others, but the tenor of the quote seems to squash any hopes you might have had of purchasing The Simpsons or 24 through iTunes.

(Thanks, MacDailyNews)