It’s been a quiet few days in the iTunes Music Store because of the dearth of programming on weekends and especially because of the Super Bowl. However, today MacDailyNews is reporting (via the Hollywood Reporter, paid registration required) that television networks’ relationship with Apple and the iTunes Music Store is paying off for them. The article doesn’t provide much in the way of new news, but there are some choice quotes. Ben Silverman, executive producer of The Office credits iTunes with boosting ratings of the critically-acclaimed show by people looking for new content to put on their video iPods after the Christmas holiday. Albert Cheng, executive vice president of digital media at Disney-ABC Television Group, has seen similar ratings boosts to their programming thanks to iTunes, saying that Lost was doing “extraordinarily well” in iTunes. And despite the fact that there hasn’t been a new episode of Lost since January 25, the series still has five of the top 20 best-selling television episodes in iTunes.