Comedy Central StandupThe media has caught on to what Tunevision reported on earlier this week, that Comedy Central’s stand-up comedy has been doing surprisingly well in the iTMS. Reuters is reporting on the phenomenon of this unexpected popularity. The article has little to add in the way of information, but a quick check of the most popular programs this morning shows that Dane Cook’s stand-up comedy has risen to the #1 spot at the expense of Lost which did not broadcast a new episode this week. Whether that top spot is maintained when last night’s episode of The Office is added sometime today remains to be seen.

The only other notable mention in the article says that there has apparently been strong demand for Jackass, a show that hasn’t produced new episodes in years, but little traction for Laguna Beach and Gauntlet 2, which are still being broadcast. This is probably more reflective of the iTMS’ demographic rather than any kind of indication about “new content” versus “library content,” but it is interesting nonetheless.

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