Some people are very displeased about the new programming efforts from ESPN. iLounge is reporting on this, but I noticed it during the brief period of time on Saturday before the “This Is SportsCenter” ads were temporarily removed. The comments were all negative and the idea of paying $1.99 for 30-second commercials doesn’t seem to be sitting right with anyone at all. Especially when many of the older (and, in my opinion, funnier) ones are available online for free.

I’ve been working on a future commentary piece last week called “Handicapping New Programming” (I’m hoping to have this up later this week) and I had actually speculated that ESPN might offer their “This Is SportsCenter” ads as a free download. I honestly didn’t think they’d consider charging people for advertisements, no matter how funny some of them were.

This has gone quietly unnoticed, but the most popular additions from last week are clearly the stand-up comedy bits from Comedy Central. Dane Cook’s session is the #3 download and Mitch Hedberg is close behind at #6, and these have been this way since they were released. I think it’s a combination of a number of things, but it essentially boils down to 20 minutes of comedy for $2, which works out to be cheaper than most comedy CDs. If Comedy Central continues to add new comics to this, it looks like it will end up being easy money for them.